A collection of images which come to life through the magic of technology, together with inspiring and uplifting quotes.


Mission of Imagery To Life

This book is dedicated to those who do not get a chance to experience the beauty that is out there in nature. This is especially for kids with health challenges who most likely have never been able to see the ocean, let alone hear it, and experience so many other sights and sounds of nature.

Healing Power of Nature

If what is contained here sparks the heart and imagination of better health of one boy or girl, maybe one you know, to be inspired to overcome their current challenge, to experience the healing benefits of being immersed in nature, and to even get out to see some scenes like what follow, then this book will have found its home.

Experiences To Share

Imagine a time in the middle of nature, whether at the ocean edge, in the forest, near a mountain stream or lake. What do you see, what scent of nature do you smell, whether the salt air or the trees in the forest? What do you hear, whether the crashing of the waves against the seashore, the birds calling, or the river flowing? Close your eyes for a minute and be there. Now, what feelings come to you? A sense of calm, or wonder, or just having fun with the moment? What is ahead are images to relate to, and get as close to being there as if you were.

A big part you can play in this

Contributing Sponsor Program


Now that Imagery To Life is available to purchase, I can use your help for where it can find a good home. In addition to having a single book for purchase, I have formed a Contributing Sponsor program, where people can purchase a larger quantity at a lesser cost. While I have my own contacts in places where the book can be valuable, my vision is to have the book distributed far and wide, and into as many hands as possible through individual connections in any number of places where there are health challenged kids or any facility where the book could provide an uplifting experience. 

For more details, see Pricing and Contributing Sponsor Guide in the Purchaseing tab.

The magic behind the photographs

Bringing the images to life:


Here is the magic in the photographs. Behind each image is a living scene from the moment these images were taken. There is a smart device app called HP Reveal  (formerly Aurasma) that is used to have these images come to life.  

Once you have the app live, you can test drive it on the images you see here. 

Check below for how to work with the app. 

Have fun with this!


If you want to see more of the images from Imagery To Life, you can check back to And if you  are interested in Imagery To Life images or other images for purchase, see the Galleries section at where these is an online store with framing options.

HP Reveal, the app

Downloading the app HP Reveal


Bringing the images to life:

Here is the magic behind the photographs. Behind each image is a living scene from the moment these images were taken. There is a smart device app called HP Reveal (formerly Aurasma) that is used to have these images come to life. The more recent your device and operating system, the better the image recognition.

You have the option to create your own account. As of this printing, Apple does not require anything except access to your camera, which you will want to allow, and all else is an option. The android world has several requirements of access to your phone information in order to set up an account. When you create your own account, you then need to search for TimBlakeImagery (no spaces) to recognize the images, then click on TimBlakeImagery’s Public Auras that comes up at the top of the next screen, and click ‘follow’ on the next screen. Once following, close out the app, reopen, and then you can bring images here to life.

You also have the option to use a dedicated account with username: guestforkids, and password: picstolife if you prefer not to set up your own account. Without an account, though, always decline any option to make an aura, as any other content will not remain available. If opting to bypass the account set up, click on ‘already have an account’, and you can then put in the above user name and password.

The next screen that comes up has a dot at the bottom which you can press and then small moving dots will appear in the next screen. Hover your device over the center of the images starting higher and slowly drop lower and watch what happens just after a center larger dot appears and begins to pulse! Some images have less to recognize than others, and if weaker signal or operating system or low light, there is a flash option with the app if you have a light flash to help illuminate the image. Once you use the app to capture an image and play a live scene, the next page will ask you if you want to make an ‘aura’, and click ‘skip’. 

Headphones for listening are best, especially on the images with 3D, which are recorded in binaural surround sound, and made possible by 3Dio microphones.

Enjoy your travels here for yourself and who you share this with,